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TrendEdge Range 

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Every trader has their preferred time frame to trade, but if the trader isn’t considering their account size or the current trading range of the market they are in for trouble

With the TrendEdge Range, a trader can trade any time frame and input a trading range. The trader will instantly know the dollar risk of that range (upper right in image).

Additionally, the indicator provides a statistical lookback to define if the market is trending higher or lower.
Trades may be made by either: go long/short when the indicator shifts or looking for reversions to the mean in the direction of the trend.

When the trend shifts, the indicator automatically calculates a stop loss value for initiating a long or short position (lower right in image). The trader can manage his/her risk instantly and determine if the loss fits their risk profile.

*Indicator for NT 8 only. Can be converted to NT 7 for an additional fee.