Chris Miller |Founder | CEO

Chris is a 10 year experienced professional MBA, with a strong background in commodity trading and programming. In 2007 Chris began trading stocks utilizing swing trading techniques, then moved in futures and options trading while pursing an MBA degree in 2010. 

Chris was hired by a subsidiary of Mitsubishi in 2012 to trade physical grains and manage the grain futures spec and hedge book. During this time Chris developed a systematic trading strategy for grain futures, which he successfully traded in corn, soybean and wheat futures. Chris was hired in 2015 by Valero Energy to build up an Ethanol Export trading program from scratch. Chris successfully built this program for Valero, going from 0 in 2014 to over 4.7million BBL in 2016

Chris possesses a very unique background as a trader, having worked significantly on both the commercial and quantitative side of commodity trading. Working in large scale commercial trading operations  has given Chris insight of the end-user of physical commodities, and a strong background in the fundamental economics of commodity supply and demand. Chris has been able to combine this knowledge with his ability to program trading algorithms and quantitative systems, which provides Emergent Cybernetics with a unique edge in managing risk and discretionary trading.