Chris Miller |Founder | CEO

Chris formed Emergent Cybernetics in 2017, as a technology-focused quant firm serving commodity/financial trading firms.

In 2012, Chris managed the grain futures spec and hedge book for Agrex, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi. Along with trading physical grain position, he also developed a systematic trading strategy for grain futures, which he successfully traded in corn, soybean, and wheat futures.

Valero Energy hired Chris in 2015 to trade physical ethanol and develop quantitative hedging and trading strategies for ethanol, corn and other refined energy products. Chris programmed an automated optimization system for trading physical ethanol and further enhanced developed key notions for his systematic trading strategy for commodity futures.

Through his experience in large-scale grain and energy trading operations, Chris possesses a very unique background as a trader. These opportunities have provided Chris insight of the end-user of physical commodities, along with a strong background in the fundamental economics of commodity supply and demand. Chris has been able to combine this knowledge with his ability to program trading algorithms and quantitative systems, thereby creating his unique trading approach which establishes his edge in managing risk and developing proprietary trading strategies.