We offer a wide range of skill sets given our diverse background in commodity trading and software engineering. Among a few areas of our capabilities:

•        Custom Strategy Development: Developing, coding, and automating hedging/trading strategies across multiple platforms, with API integrations.

•        Retail Trading Platforms Specializing in programming for NinjaTrader, Think Or Swim, TradeStation, TradingView, and MT4. 

•        Custom Applications: Mobile app development of custom trade notifications, automating social media posts, total position, and market updates.

•        Risk Management Services:  Development and automation of broker statements/reports to services such as PC-SPAN and/or VaR modeling.

•        Options Research: Proprietary option pricing tools, with functionality to create a portfolio framework of futures and physical commodity positions combined with option positions.

•        Options Trading Automation: Proprietary automated option scanning tools, and development and research into full options execution automation.

•        Excel Development: Excel modeling tools, automation, and database management.

•        Market Data: Market research projects, custom-built macroeconomic models with automated data feeds, daily fundamental market commentary.