•Automation of options trading tools in the market is very limited.

•There are no trading platforms which specifically offer automated trading of options.

•Scanning tools for option spread strategies is limited in the market.

•Traders then spend significant amounts of time finding proper hedges and options strategies.

•Traders have no access to proper risk management tools, this leads to them ignoring this vital step and often losing their full account value.


•Emergent Cybernetics has built back-end support, and identified the tools necessary for a full product delivery.

•Product offering is an automated options trading tool targeting these key issues.

•Cut time significantly by automating scanning tools to create options strategies and hedges.

•Scan for individual options positions or various option strategies including: Verticals, Butterflies, Straddles, Strangles, Condors, Ratios, and more.

•Custom risk management tools built into the application, allowing for proper position sizing based on risk capital.